Up and running!

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Færder Brott Kru, former Verdens Ende Kayaking, is up and running! More kayakers have joined us since we started and we've therefore re-branded to Færder Brott Kru.

We do mostly “rock hopping” (“brott” is the Norwegian translation) which is a different style of sea kayaking involving playing in waves near shore and shoals. We normally go out there when the rest of the sea kayakers go in due to weather. Also, we always paddle in groups of three or more for safety.

Færder Brott Kru is a gang of enthusiasts who love what we’re doing! All of us are also members of Havpadlerne Færder, the local kayaking club. We’re trying to get you and other people aware of what rock hopping is and hopefully spark an interest or two… That’s the idea behind this website and our social media profiles. Do you enjoy watching cool videos and pictures of kayaking? Check us out!

It’s a small world out there. Who knows? Maybe we’ll meet in the swell one day?

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